The Story of Horsepower Explained by Your Friends at Autosaver Imports!

Horsepower is a common unit of measure that is very often used to rate the power of cars, SUVs and trucks these days, but surely you already knew that. But do you know where this term used so often actually comes from?

The story of horsepower starts way back in the 18th century with an engineer by the name of James Watt. At this time, the horse was in fact the most common method for getting work done, primarily in the mines. Watt wanted to convince people that his newly invented steam engines were a much better way getting work done, but had no real way to do this and compare the strength to a horse fairly.

That is when Watt decided to come up with a formula. By taking a pony working in the mines, he found that the pony could perform around 22,000 ft/lbs of work in one minute. For a full-sized horse, he estimated that number to be around 50 percent greater at 33,000 ft/lbs and the term horsepower was then born!

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